Sunday, April 25, 2004

The CIEP data set is publicly available

I just found out that the data from CIEP (Comparative Immigrant Entrepreneurs Project) were publicly available. This is the short description of the survey:
"The Comparative Immigrant Entrepreneurs Project (CIEP) was designed to examine the prevalence of transnational entrepreneurship in immigrant communities and to provide basic information about its empirical contours and correlates."

One of the new projects that the Center for Migration and Development at Princeton is working on is a study of transnational organizations created by Hispanic immigrants in East Coast cities.

I know there are disagreements, disputes, debates, etc. with regad to their definition of transnationalism (Waldinger and Fitzgerald 2004 raise a couple of issues), but at any rate, the availability of this survey is very exciting for me. Anybody interested in this type of research??


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