Monday, July 26, 2004

Grad Unions

While our fellow grads at private universities have been stripped of their rights to organize and be recognized as employees (as has been discussed by others), we grads (or most of us) at UIUC won the right to be recognized by our university last year. (Our union has statistics on what percentage of courses we teach or assist in teaching, if curious, and how much money we save the university by paying us rather than a PhD-in-hand). This summer (or over a year later, which is apparently typical) the hardworking GEO negotiators have finally come to a tentative contract! This means lower fees(!), annual 3% raises (to cover the cost of inflation) until the contract is revisited in a couple years, a little better health care plan in the meantime, grievance procedure, and more thorough instructor training. Modest gains, but unions matter. We haven't forgotten you grads at private u's!

Shout outs to the GEO at University of Michigan, their contract helped as a model as well as some of their organizers. Shout outs also to the supportive UIUC profs and former Chancellor Nancy Cantor (who made a huge difference in the university climate)! I'm sure there was a lot of others making a difference, see the GEO website for more info.


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