Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Transsexuals and Immigration

Okay, I get this immigration law newsletter every week in my inbox and every month or two there is an article posted that is interesting from a sociological standpoint. This week the featured article is on the status of transsexuals under U.S. immigration law. Before evening reading the article I had to wonder, why does U.S. immigration law need to be concerned about transsexuals? According to this article "CIS shall not recognize the marriage, or intended marriage, between two individuals where one or both of the parties claim to have changed their sex". Ostensibly the focus is to deny official, legal acknowledgement of both same-sex marriages and now marriages between individuals who were the same 'sex' at birth, whether they are at time of marriage and/or immigration. This raises a question: if a man changes his sex to become a women and a woman changes her sex to become a man, are they still "allowed" to marry and will that marriage be recognized in light that they were originally of the opposite sex and remain members of the opposite sex at present?


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