Thursday, September 09, 2004

More on the Futility of the Corporate Media: Not Stating the Obvious

This article discusses the same issue I've been having with the media, the double standards in their treatment of Bush and Kerry. While the Bush administration has fed the media the "flip flopper" lines, and they have swallowed them whole, they haven't looked at those same assertions when it comes to Bush. And all they would have to do is state the obvious: Enemy #1 moves from Osama bin Laden to Sadam Hussein, focus on War on Terror becomes War on Iraq, reasons for said war moves from weapons of mass destruction to "he killed his own people" (ahem, while the U.S. looked the other way). Further, they also don't hone in on the biggest issue of comparison, which is what's worse, changing one's mind, or flat out policies of misinformation to lead the public into going along with them. Misinformation about potential of nuclear weapons development, misinformation about how much was known prior to 9/11 about potential terror attacks, and finally even more misinformation on Abu Ghraib.

Why can't we call a liar a liar?

UPDATE:I have to give Paul Krugman credit. He has been speaking out all along. In today's op-ed he supports my argument that W is liar (or a non-truth-teller) even more.


At 10:30 PM, Blogger Goesh said...

my favorite bit of misinformation is the notion that 35 years ago commanding a river boat for 4 months and being a part time jet pilot in the Guard automatically qualifies one to be the Commander in Chief.


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