Friday, June 03, 2005

Jazz Therapy

Last weekend we went to hang out with my brother in Chicago. We took in a Cubs victory. By the way, they are on a kickass winning streak with some of their most talented players injured. And we went to the Greenmill, a former speakeasy of Al Capone's and current jazz club. We waited an hour to get in the doors. It was worth it. The sextet playing was so good, and the bar itself was just so much better the "unce unce unce" dance(?)clubs downtown (I can't stand those places).

Seeing the jazz group play, reminded me of my trumpet playing days. The only thing I liked about band was jazz band (marching band was the pitts, but you had to do it all). Our jazz band won awards in junior high. Then, I didn't like the highschool jazz director (also my 6th grade band teacher), so I didn't try out. I stayed in band and joined the quintet, which I didn't like because of the pressure (if you messed up everyone knew) and the music - classical just wasn't as fun for me. I got into chorus instead. But I still love listening to jazz, and I miss helping make it.

So, I've been on a jazz kick lately. I'm thinking of learning to play jazz piano. I never was that attached to the trumpet, and anyway, my younger sister uses the trumpet I used, which my aunts also used (it's a kind of family heirloom I guess). Jazz provides that great balance and tension musically that could be a therapeutic release. Which, let's face it, you have to find in graduate school unless you want to allow your dissertation to hold dominion over your life. And drinking just isn't enough for me anymore.


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