Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Weapons Inspection Today!!!!

This "performance protest" is being staged by a group of high school students from Uni. Join them today!!!


Weapons Inspection of the Engineering Department!!!

>When: Tuesday April 27th at noon sharp
>Where: Meet at the Beckman Fountain
>What do I need to do to prepare: Nothing! Just show up wearing a
>white-collared shirt!
>A group of concerned citizens will be conducting a weapons inspection
>the University of Illinois Engineering campus. Dressed in appropriate
>weapons inspection gear (white-collared shirts, lab coats, and
>masks), we will be followed by a video team, radio team, and local
>as we investigate labs that we believe are producing weapons of mass
>After researching some of the funding sources of the engineering
>department, it has been uncovered that a staggering amount of research
>grants to this university are issued by the Department of Defense, the
>Academic Strategic Alliance Program, and the Center for the
Stimulation of
>Advanced Rockets, all of which develop and produce weapons of mass
>destruction. In a climate of heightened military aggression and
>occupation, we cannot wait any longer! We must get to the bottom of
>university's involvement in the production WMD's!!!
>All who wish to participate are welcome! We have prepared a script,
>research packets, and inspection forms, and we will make them
accessible to
>anyone who wishes to participate in this action.


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