Thursday, September 02, 2004

Why are we launching pre-emptive strikes against Americans?

After reading article after article about the arrests of protestors in NYC, I have to ask myself, "Why are we launching pre-emptive strikes on Americans?". In a front page New
York Times' article, writers noted how police have been trying to stop protests before they even start. As if W.'s pre-emptive strike in Iraq was not enough, now it seems to be okay for those in power to launch an offensive before an event happens on the streets on New York. While I think we all agree that the NYPD must keep the city secure and in working order, are the 1,000 arrests that have been made since the RNC began necessary? Are the unsanitary and inhumane conditions which people are being detained in necessary? I highly doubt it. Last I checked we lived in a country where peaceful protests were not a threat to national security. Thank you George W. Bush for taking away some of the freedom that you are allegedly trying to bring to other areas of the world.


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